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[10 Aug 2004|06:05pm]
New journal.. fallen_hope_
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[29 Jul 2004|12:32am]
I think we should like.. Throw a party or something. For the first time I have had enough guts to just tell him exactly how I felt. Even if I thought I was going to be let down. Thankfully I wasn't.

But hearing his voice.. Made me fall right back in love with him..

*Sigh* :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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FRIENDS ONLY!! [24 Jul 2004|10:25pm]
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[ mood | blah ]

So me and my mom are on the way home and who do we see skating down 54th Avenue?? ALEX AND SHAUN OF FUCKING COURSE!

Why is it that everytime I think about him a lot, I see him the very next day.. Every single time. He cut his hair and it isn't black anymore.

I really don't feel good. I can't wait until school starts. I won't be grounded anymore. And I get to go back to school and stare at Josh everyday at lunch. Hehe. That was always fun. I miss making out with him, too. It was really fun. Especially that one time that Alex looked at me and got pissed. Only because Josh almost broke us up. It's not my fault he's hot and his friends like to tell about his crushes. Hahhaha. But anyways. Potheads are always hot and fun.

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[24 Jul 2004|02:18am]
My eyes turn greener when I cry

You told me that they were the most beautiful then

Could that be because you knew

When you left, they would perpetually be like so?

Did you know I still cry for you?

You're my everything and you know it

Nobody measures up to you in my eyes

You did this on purpose didn't you?

You know I would love you forever anyways..

And you have me right where you want me
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I LOVE NATALIE RENEE!!!!!! [24 Jul 2004|01:54am]
Tainted Hope031: i hope hes kidding
Tainted Hope031: or i hope thats josh
Blah Monster 84: IM SURE HES KIDDING
Blah Monster 84: LOL
Tainted Hope031: yeyuuh
Tainted Hope031: or else imma bust him in his jaw
Blah Monster 84: HHHAHAHAHA
Blah Monster 84: THATS HOT
Tainted Hope031: you know it
Tainted Hope031: i know right
Tainted Hope031: or ill totally miss and hit the wall behind him and end up hurting mysel
Tainted Hope031: f*
Blah Monster 84: HAHAHHA
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[24 Jul 2004|01:38am]



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Mr Jared is funny! [24 Jul 2004|12:15am]
pukingbassist: I AM ULTRA-GOTHIC MAN!!!
with the powers of goat fucking and depressant ray
Blah Monster 84: that is so increadibly hot
Blah Monster 84: haha
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[23 Jul 2004|08:08pm]
Anyone who I had plans with for the rest of the summer, consider them broken now.

Pardon the fact that I am an idiot..
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[23 Jul 2004|01:24am]

Heylo, my friend Nat over at taintedhope031  needs more LJ friends.. So go comment or something and make a hot chick happy.


Be nice, she's very sensitive.. <3

Love her like you love me!

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[22 Jul 2004|10:52pm]
Blah Monster 84: i hope you dont mind kevin seeing how you said hes fat and stuff because oops i accidently showed him
Blah Monster 84: my bad
xkillergutx: i already know
xkillergutx: and i perosnlly dont care
Blah Monster 84: well since you dont have many friend smaybe you should try and keep the ones you do have
xkillergutx: i ahev lots of friends
Blah Monster 84: ooooooookk
xkillergutx: i do
Blah Monster 84: ;-)
xkillergutx: i very popular at nehi
xkillergutx: so what ya got now
xkillergutx: i can take the hits all night
Blah Monster 84: ok if you have so many friend swhy are you always at home on your computer
Blah Monster 84: mr popular
xkillergutx: becous eit summer and there on vacation
Blah Monster 84: right
Blah Monster 84: they just dont like you
xkillergutx: o yeah
xkillergutx: right
xkillergutx: they dont like me but all threw the schiool year they took me to pary drove around for hours chilled paces
xkillergutx: no friend huh
Blah Monster 84: thats strange
Blah Monster 84: i was at natalies everyday and you were always online
xkillergutx: with my frien hear most oif the time
xkillergutx: im uselly onlyu on during the night
xkillergutx: threw the school year
Blah Monster 84: oh we would always im you and you would say im playing my guitar being bored
xkillergutx: yeah
Blah Monster 84: give it up. you dont have any friends its okay
xkillergutx: does mean i wasent bored
xkillergutx: i do got friends
xkillergutx: atleast i dont makeout with my friends
Blah Monster 84: well i would hope not
Blah Monster 84: its okay for girls
Blah Monster 84: not for fat guys\
xkillergutx: no its not
xkillergutx: gay is gay
xkillergutx: ur gay
xkillergutx: it o0kmfor women
xkillergutx: words form a tru dyke
Blah Monster 84: oh i am such a dyke.. yeah baby
Blah Monster 84: nailed that one right on the head
Blah Monster 84: oh wait. i like guys
Blah Monster 84: im sorry
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: but u make out with chicks
xkillergutx: ok
Blah Monster 84: so. we get drunk. oh big deal.
xkillergutx: whatever your making fun oif me becous eu cant stand the pain of knowing your really really ungle and have tons of nasty freckles
Blah Monster 84: im not ugly
Blah Monster 84: you told natalie i was hot too
Blah Monster 84: you just cant stand the fact that someon thinks you're ugly
Blah Monster 84: and fat
xkillergutx: no
xkillergutx: i didnt say u were hot
xkillergutx: im not crazy
Blah Monster 84: you did too
Blah Monster 84: dont be stupif
xkillergutx: no i ddint
xkillergutx: i think your ugle
xkillergutx: with a captial "u"
Blah Monster 84: then why dont you just type it with a capital u?
Blah Monster 84: wow. buddy, you
Blah Monster 84: are
Blah Monster 84: the insult king
Blah Monster 84: i must say
xkillergutx: why wont just go got go get make over or somrthing geeze i hope you dont ge tmoney for warped tour cuz i dont wanna end up seeing your ungy face
Blah Monster 84: ungy? is that the new way of spelling im a dumbass?\
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: ima bad typer
xkillergutx: just leave me alone
Blah Monster 84: and you are fat and ugly
Blah Monster 84: you suck at life
xkillergutx: ok that why i got a girlfriend
Blah Monster 84: too bad she lives in ohio and you dont know her for real
xkillergutx: wtf
xkillergutx: she dont live in ohio
xkillergutx: that my friend tghat im gunna be staying with
Blah Monster 84: yeah. okay.
Blah Monster 84: so who would actually go out with you
xkillergutx: my girlfriend
xkillergutx: think about
xkillergutx: it
xkillergutx: geeze
xkillergutx: no brain
Blah Monster 84: oh your hand. forgot
Blah Monster 84: thats nice
xkillergutx: no
xkillergutx: i ahev a real girlfriends
xkillergutx: no "s"
Blah Monster 84: hah. hah.
Blah Monster 84: okay.
Blah Monster 84: how much did you pay for her?
xkillergutx: free
xkillergutx: it was a freebee
Blah Monster 84: hah. hah. you're a comedian too
Blah Monster 84: so tell me.. was it buy one get one free?
xkillergutx: o yeah
Blah Monster 84: a cunning comeback from an equally cunning linguist
Blah Monster 84: im impressed.
Blah Monster 84: really.
xkillergutx: i have no clue what u sadi
xkillergutx: w/e
xkillergutx: stop talking
Blah Monster 84: thats because you are stupid
Blah Monster 84: dumb fuck
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: im sure i am
xkillergutx: and im ugly and fat
Blah Monster 84: you learn quick too
xkillergutx: but im the one with a life and have a g/f
xkillergutx: ok whatever go kiss nat or something and leav eme be
Blah Monster 84: i have a boy for that thank you
xkillergutx: sure!!!
u do
xkillergutx: easy to say on the computer
Blah Monster 84: just as easy as it is for you to say that you have a g/f
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: but i got proofe
Blah Monster 84: oh really? where?
xkillergutx: ill show u in a mi
Blah Monster 84: okay
Blah Monster 84: *waiting impaciently*
xkillergutx: hes usin the bathroom
Blah Monster 84: fat boy is?
xkillergutx: no
Blah Monster 84: then whos using the bathroom?
xkillergutx: brent
Blah Monster 84: yeha
xkillergutx: this is his bro
Blah Monster 84: fatboy
xkillergutx: he isnt that fat
Blah Monster 84: yeah. he is
xkillergutx: why you mad at him
Blah Monster 84: im not. he's just fat.
xkillergutx: lol
Blah Monster 84: well. i said one bad insult, he over reacted
Blah Monster 84: so i continued
xkillergutx: oh
Blah Monster 84: yep
Blah Monster 84: so does he always take ten minutes in the bathroom? or is he having trouble fitting through the doorway again?
xkillergutx: lmao
Blah Monster 84: wow you're cool.. what happened to fatboy/
xkillergutx: still in the bathroom
Blah Monster 84: no i mean.. he's not cool
xkillergutx: i dont like him
xkillergutx: but thats just me
Blah Monster 84: neither do i
Blah Monster 84: you're a cool kid
xkillergutx: thnx
Blah Monster 84: no prob
Blah Monster 84: so do you have a sn? we could stay up all night making fun of fatboy
xkillergutx: im back
xkillergutx: wtf
Blah Monster 84: hey fatboy
xkillergutx: dont talk tot my brother
xkillergutx: your fat
Blah Monster 84: he was on your sn
Blah Monster 84: no im not
xkillergutx: wtf
Blah Monster 84: i weigh 110 pounds dumbfuck[
xkillergutx: god damn
xkillergutx: who cares
xkillergutx: just stop talking
Blah Monster 84: so wheres that proof?
xkillergutx: later
xkillergutx: im busy
Blah Monster 84: okay. i'll just piss you off until then
xkillergutx: how about not
Blah Monster 84: i doubt you have anything better to do than sit back and take it like a little christian boy being passed around the cell and taking it like a bitch
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: im tryiong to learnt hsi fuckign song
xkillergutx: so topit
xkillergutx: stopit
Blah Monster 84: fine. let me talk to your brother. he seems much more fun'
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: yeah he only 13
xkillergutx: and he weighs 231
Blah Monster 84: wow. hes younger than you and cooler
xkillergutx: and he only 5"
xkillergutx: ok
Blah Monster 84: but he isnt an asshole
xkillergutx: so fuck off
Blah Monster 84: no sir. waiting for proof
xkillergutx: well when i learn this song perfect
Blah Monster 84: okay i'll be here
xkillergutx: then i will take the time to show u
Blah Monster 84: i'll be waiting and preparing insults
xkillergutx: ok
xkillergutx: u do that
Blah Monster 84: i will
xkillergutx: hey by the way u just got blocked
xkillergutx signed off at 10:51:01 PM.
hahahhahah how great are we??????????
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[22 Jul 2004|09:29pm]
TacoBell121: when you say all thsi stuff about <3 i love you buddy or even recently like MAD SEX i just wanna know if u mean any of it.. like idc about the mad sex but all this stuff about i love you buddy even if it is as a friend i just wanna know if its real.. cuz if its not i need to know so i can stop thinking about you as i fall asleep everynight...

Awwwwwwwww how could I not love Kevin?!?!?!??!?

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[22 Jul 2004|07:52pm]




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[22 Jul 2004|05:08pm]
Left the window open

Gonna have tons of fun tonight.. And you can bet on a whole lot of pictures as well.. Yeah baby..

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[22 Jul 2004|11:41am]
I'm too lazy to put up more pictures at the moment.

I really enjoyed last night. Hanigng out with Brooke and Liz. It was really cool. I really got to know Brooke better, and it was cool. Lindsay told me that she hated me and talked shit about me. She was in my geometry class and I kinda talked to her but not really. So last night we were talking and she's really cool.

And last night me and Brooke were talking about how we were both craving pizza. And now me and Brooke and Liz are going to go pick up the pizza. And perhaps Nat.
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[21 Jul 2004|07:57pm]
Before North Carolina, There Was The Road TripCollapse )
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[21 Jul 2004|07:43pm]
Natalie.. I know, I know.. You wouldn't know.. You're not Hollish right???
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! [21 Jul 2004|07:15pm]

Who thinks of your butt?
LJ Username
Butt Size
Butt Shape
Wants to touch your butt failmysences
Stares at your butt as if hypnotised red_lacerations
Has sketchbooks filled with sketches of your butt taintedhope031
Wants to do you in the butt poison_x_free
Stays awake all night wondering if you have a tattoo on your but xsnoochinatorx
HAS touched your butt! justdieinnocent
This fun quiz by rinni - Taken 8528 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Hahahhahahhaha!!! Amber has touched my butt.. Interesting.. I like this quiz.. LOL!!!!

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[21 Jul 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Okay so my internet doesn't work, so I'm updating at Liz's.

If you wanna hear about our trip go here:


Nat said it all for me. Hahhahha yeah. Love.

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boredom pictures from about a week and a half ago.. [20 Jul 2004|06:56pm]

lets see what he does.. when you're not aroundCollapse )

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